Three forms of meaning and the management of complexity.

  title={Three forms of meaning and the management of complexity.},
  author={Jordan B. Peterson},
The urban boogie: a heuristic dance to transcend alienation in High Streets
En el contexto de las relaciones visuales mas apreciadas que mantenemos con nuestros entornos, «necesitamos teorias que nos dirijan hacia relaciones y redes significativas» (Beauregard, 2016,Expand
Facilitating The Internal Adoption Of Radical Innovation Concepts: A strategic design approach to facilitating the decision-making process behind the internal adoption of radical innovation concepts for further development
The Viability Decision Canvas is a tool that facilitates the decision-making process behind the internal adoption of radical innovation concepts by employing abductive reasoning in a Fast-and-Frugal decision tree format, that addresses the non-probabilistic uncertainty inherent to radical innovation. Expand
The Role and Properties of Neurons in the Medial Preoptic Area in Paternal Care of California Mice (Peromyscus californicus)
The results suggest that previous experience with pups can increase paternal responsiveness via unknown mechanisms and suggest that the onset of paternal behavior in California mouse fathers may be associated with limited electrophysiological plasticity within the MPOA. Expand
Trickle-down effects of unethical leadership: the role of meaning-making
Abstract To date, the vast majority of existing research on unethical leadership has focused on top leaders’ actions and behaviors as the primary catalyst for the permeation of unethical behaviorsExpand
A Non-Linear Electronic Textbook Format to Facilitate Deep Learning
This thesis proposes a non-linear electronic textbook format that organizes content in a way that accords with cognitive science theories of how concepts are represented in the mind, and makes the relation between ideas more explicit, and reduces extraneous cognitive load, which it believes will aid learning. Expand
Bereavement process of professional caregivers after deaths of their patients: A meta-ethnographic synthesis of qualitative studies and an integrated model.
An integrated, process-oriented and multi-dimensional model was proposed on the basis of findings from previous studies on professional bereavement after patients' deaths, which brought both personal and professional, both temporal and long-lasting impacts. Expand
Lab- and Field-Based Approaches to Meaning Threats and Restoration: Convergences and Divergences
Two distinct approaches to meaning—experimental lab-based research on meaning and its maintenance in response to situational cues and observational field research on meaning-focused coping followingExpand
What is Nonreligion? On the Virtues of a Meaning Systems Framework for Studying Nonreligious and Religious Worldviews in the Context of Everyday Life
Discussions of nonreligion or secularity face a central challenge that has long plagued scholars of religion – that of specifying an object of study. Although several suggestions have been made, IExpand


Cerebral hemisphere regulation of motivated behavior
A basic wiring diagram is suggested for the motor neural network that controls motivated behavior, and a model for the organization of cerebral hemisphere inputs to this network is provided. Expand
Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief
Preface: Descensus ad Inferos 1. Maps of Experience: Object and Meaning 2. Maps of Meaning: Three Levels of Analysis Normal and Revolutionary Life: Two Prosaic Stories Neuropsychological Function:Expand
Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions
PART I: CONCEPTUAL BACKGROUND 1. Affective neuroscience: history and major concepts 2. Emotional operating systems and subjectivity: methodological problems and a conceptual framework for theExpand
The Moral Judgement of the Child
The Fruit, the Tree, and the Serpent
The Brain and Emotion
In 1938, B. F. Skinner proposed that all of behavior reflects reaction to rewards and punishments (reinforcers) provided by the environment. He believed that the voluntary behavior of organisms isExpand
Chimpanzee politics
  • London: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • 1989
Peacemaking among primates
Does biology condemn the human species to violence and war? Previous studies of animal behavior incline us to answer yes, but the message of this book is considerably more optimistic. Without denyingExpand
The neuropsychology of anxiety.
  • J. Gray
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Issues in mental health nursing
  • 1985
This paper is a rough precis of a recent book (GRAY, 1982). It is concerned with the question: what are the brain structures which mediate the psychology as well as the neurology of anxiety? It isExpand
Précis of The neuropsychology of anxiety: An enquiry into the functions of the septo-hippocampal system
A model of the neuropsychology of anxiety is proposed. The model is based in the first instance upon an analysis of the behavioural effects of the antianxiety drugs (benzodiazepines, barbiturates,Expand