Three distinct regions involved in 3p deletion in human lung cancer.

  title={Three distinct regions involved in 3p deletion in human lung cancer.},
  author={Kenji Hibi and Kazuhiro Yamakawa and Ryuzo Ueda and Yoshitaka S Sekido and Yutaka Ariyoshi and M. Suyama and Hiroshi Takagi and Yohko Nakamura and Takashi Takahashi},
  volume={7 3},
The 3p deletion was first noted by cytogenetic analysis and was later confirmed by several independent studies using restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) probes. As an initial step towards positional cloning (reverse genetics) of the tumor-suppressor gene(s) on 3p, a detailed analysis of the minimum deleted region(s) on 3p was performed with 13 RFLP probes and 48 paired human lung cancer samples. All nine small-cell lung cancer cases (100%) and 31 of 39 non-small-cell lung cancer… CONTINUE READING

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