Three-dimensionally periodic dielectric layered structure with omnidirectional photonic band gap


A three-dimensionally periodic dielectric structure with a large complete photonic band gap ~PBG! is presented. The structure is distinguished by a sequence of planar layers, identical except for a horizontal offset, and repeating every three layers to form an fcc lattice. The layers can be thought of as an alternating stack of the two basic two-dimensional ~2D! PBG slab geometries: rods in air and air cylinders in dielectric. These high-symmetry planar cross-sections should simplify the integration of optical devices and components by allowing modification of only a single layer, using simple defects of the same form as in the corresponding 2D systems. A process for fabricating the structure with conventional planar microfabrication technology is described. Gaps of over 21% are obtained for Si/air substrates. Reasonable gaps, over 8%, can be achieved even for the moderate index ratio of 2.45 (Si/SiO2). © 2000 American Institute of Physics. @S0003-6951~00!00848-2#

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