Three-dimensional super Yang-Mills with compressible quark matter

  title={Three-dimensional super Yang-Mills with compressible quark matter},
  author={Ant{\'o}n F. Faedo and Arnab Kundu and David L6pez Mateos and Christiana Pantelidou and Javier Tarŕıo},
  • Antón F. Faedo, Arnab Kundu, +2 authors Javier Tarŕıo
  • Published 2015
We construct the gravity dual of three-dimensional, SU(Nc) super Yang-Mills theory with Nf flavors of dynamical quarks in the presence of a non-zero quark density Nq. The supergravity solutions include the backreaction of Nc color D2-branes and Nf flavor D6-branes with Nq units of electric flux on their worldvolume. For massless quarks, the solutions depend… CONTINUE READING