Three-dimensional stress analysis of tooth/lmplant-retained long-span fixed dentures.

  title={Three-dimensional stress analysis of tooth/lmplant-retained long-span fixed dentures.},
  author={Nariyuki Maezawa and Makoto Shiota and Shohei Kasugai and Noriyuki Wakabayashi},
  journal={The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants},
  volume={22 5},
PURPOSE The aim was to assess the influence of connection of the canine teeth to implant-retained long-span fixed dentures on stress in mandibular bone using finite element analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Each 3-dimensional model included bone, 6 implants, both natural canines, and superstructures. Each model simulated 1 of 4 prosthetic designs: a tooth/implant-retained 1-piece superstructure (One-piece), 3-piece superstructures with an anterior and 2 posterior segments with unconnected teeth… CONTINUE READING