Three-dimensional spatial selectivity of hippocampal neurons during space flight

  title={Three-dimensional spatial selectivity of hippocampal neurons during space flight},
  author={J. Knierim and B. McNaughton and G. Poe},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
  • J. Knierim, B. McNaughton, G. Poe
  • Published 2000
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature Neuroscience
  • ‘Place’ cells of the hippocampus and ‘head-direction’ (HD) cells of the thalamus and limbic cortex derive their spatial and directional specificity from a combination of idiothetic (self-motion) cues and external landmarks, which normally reinforce each other to generate a robust neural code for location and direction. In weightlessness, however, three-dimensional navigation can cause the idiothetic and landmark cues to conflict. Nonetheless, neural recordings on the space shuttle demonstrated… CONTINUE READING
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