Three-dimensional solution structure of Tropidechis carinatus venom extract trocarin: a structural homologue of Xa and prothrombin activator

  title={Three-dimensional solution structure of Tropidechis carinatus venom extract trocarin: a structural homologue of Xa and prothrombin activator},
  author={D. Venkateswarlu and S. Krishnaswamy and T. Darden and L. Pedersen},
  journal={Molecular modeling annual},
Abstract. Trocarin belongs to group D of prothrombin activators derived from snake venom of Tropidechis carinatus and is a rich non-hepatic source of Xa, the only known hepatic prothrombin activator. The structural and functional similarity with Xa makes trocarin an interesting target for exploring the structure–functional relationship with Xa. Herein we report a predicted complete three-dimensional all-atom structural model of trocarin equilibrated in explicit water using 4 ns of molecular… Expand
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