Three-dimensional reconstruction of slice image based on range-gated active laser imaging technique


One of the greatest drawbacks of range-gated laser active imaging system lies in the plight that the two-dimensional slice could not provide complete spatial information on some remote objects. To target this problem, a three-dimensional reconstruction method that combines gray-scale curve fitting and data feature positioning was proposed. In the paper, we first select several images with relatively clear target information through histograms of different slices, which is directly followed by decreasing the effect of speckle noise through mean filter. After finishing the gray-scale curve fitting with all the pixels and the three-dimensional coordinates computation of all the pixels with data feature positioning, the three-dimensional image of a pavilion from 1.2 kilometers could be obtained with the procession of the slices. The experiment shows that the method utilized in the paper could originate the target image that contains more intuitive distance information, clearer outline, more vivid details and shares almost the same size with the target.

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