Three-dimensional radiation transfer modeling in a dicotyledon leaf.

  title={Three-dimensional radiation transfer modeling in a dicotyledon leaf.},
  author={Yves M. Govaerts and St{\'e}phane Jacquemoud and Michel M. Verstraete and Susan L. Ustin},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={35 33},
The propagation of light in a typical dicotyledon leaf is investigated with a new Monte Carlo ray-tracing model. The three-dimensional internal cellular structure of the various leaf tissues, including the epidermis, the palisade parenchyma, and the spongy mesophyll, is explicitly described. Cells of different tissues are assigned appropriate morphologies and contain realistic amounts of water and chlorophyll. Each cell constituent is characterized by an index of refraction and an absorption… CONTINUE READING
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