Three-dimensional laser microsurgery in light-sheet based microscopy (SPIM).

  title={Three-dimensional laser microsurgery in light-sheet based microscopy (SPIM).},
  author={Christoph J Engelbrecht and Klaus Greger and Emmanuel G. Reynaud and Uro{\vs} Kr{\vz}i{\vc} and Julien Colombelli and Ernst H. K. Stelzer},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={15 10},
Advances in the life sciences rely on the ability to observe dynamic processes in live systems and in environments that mimic in-vivo situations. Therefore, new methodological developments have to provide environments that resemble physiologically and clinically relevant conditions as closely as possible. In this work, plasma-induced laser nanosurgery for three-dimensional sample manipulation and sample perturbation is combined with optically sectioning light-sheet based fluorescence microscopy… CONTINUE READING