Three-dimensional finite point groups and the symmetry of beaded beads

  title={Three-dimensional finite point groups and the symmetry of beaded beads},
  author={Gwen L. Fisher and Blake Mellor},
  journal={Journal of Mathematics and the Arts},
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Beaded beads are clusters of beads woven together (usually around one or more large holes). Their groups of symmetries are classified by the three-dimensional finite point groups, i.e. the finite subgroups of the orthogonal group of degree three, O(3). The question we answer is whether every finite subgroup of O(3) can be realized as the group of symmetries of a beaded bead. We show that this is possible, and we describe general weaving techniques we used to accomplish this feat, as well as… 

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The word "symmetry" is used in mathematics quite differently from in ordinary speech. In everyday life one applies it mainly to two-sided, right-left symmetry; but not so in mathematics. Admittedly,

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