Three-dimensional architecture of podocytes revealed by block-face scanning electron microscopy

  title={Three-dimensional architecture of podocytes revealed by block-face scanning electron microscopy},
  author={Koichiro Ichimura and Naoyuki Miyazaki and Shoji Sadayama and Kazuyoshi Murata and Masato Koike and Kei-ichiro Nakamura and Keisuke Ohta and Tatsuo Sakai},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Block-face imaging is a scanning electron microscopic technique which enables easier acquisition of serial ultrastructural images directly from the surface of resin-embedded biological samples with a similar quality to transmission electron micrographs. In the present study, we analyzed the three-dimensional architecture of podocytes using serial block-face imaging. It was previously believed that podocytes are divided into three kinds of subcellular compartment: cell body, primary process, and… CONTINUE READING


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