Three-dimensional Reconstruction using a Single Two-dimensional Retinal Image

  title={Three-dimensional Reconstruction using a Single Two-dimensional Retinal Image},
  author={Toshiaki Nakagawa and Yoshinori Hayashi and Yuji Hatanaka and Akira Aoyama and Yutaka Mizukusa and Atsuhiro Fujita and Masakatsu Kakogawa and Takeshi Hara and Hiroshi Fujita and Tetsuya Yamamoto},
We have been developing a computer-aided diagnosis(CAD)system to detect abnormalities in color retinal images. Techniques have been proposed for automatic extraction of blood vessels(BVs), automatic measurement of diameter of BVs, erasing BVs, and detection of optic disk region in the works. In this study, these techniques were applied to automatic 3D reconstruction using a single 2D fundus image. The BVs were extracted by using mathematical morphology operator from the green component of the… CONTINUE READING