Three-dimensional Dirac semimetal and quantum transport in Cd3As2

  title={Three-dimensional Dirac semimetal and quantum transport in Cd3As2},
  author={Zhijun Wang and Hongming Weng and Quansheng Wu and Xi Dai and Zhong Fang},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Based on the first-principles calculations, we recover the silent topological nature of Cd3As2, a well known semiconductor with high carrier mobility. We find that it is a symmetry-protected topological semimetal with a single pair of three-dimensional (3D) Dirac points in the bulk and nontrivial Fermi arcs on the surfaces. It can be driven into a topological insulator and a Weyl semimetal state by symmetry breaking, or into a quantum spin Hall insulator with a gap more than 100 meV by reducing… 

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