Three-coordinate late transition metal fluorinated alkoxide complexes.

  title={Three-coordinate late transition metal fluorinated alkoxide complexes.},
  author={Stefanie A. Cantalupo and June S Lum and Marisa C Buzzeo and Curtis J Moore and Antonio G Dipasquale and Arnold L Rheingold and Linda H Doerrer},
  journal={Dalton transactions},
Homoleptic fluorinated alkoxide complexes have been prepared from KOC4F9, 1, via salt metathesis routes. One four-coordinate K{K(18C6)}[Co(OC4F9)4], 2, and four three-coordinate complexes: {K(18C6)}[Fe(OC4F9)3], 3, {K(18C6)}[Co(OC4F9)3], 4, {K(18C6)}[Cu(OC4F9)3], 5, and {K(18C6)}[Zn(OC4F9)3], 6, have been prepared and all except 5 have been characterized… CONTINUE READING