Three-body forces and proton-rich nuclei.

  title={Three-body forces and proton-rich nuclei.},
  author={Jason D Holt and Javier Men{\'e}ndez and Achim Schwenk},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 2},
We present the first study of three-nucleon (3N) forces for proton-rich nuclei along the N=8 and N=20 isotones. Our results for the ground-state energies and proton separation energies are in very good agreement with experiment where available, and with the empirical isobaric multiplet mass equation. We predict the spectra for all N=8 and N=20 isotones to the proton dripline, which agree well with experiment for 18Ne, 19Na, 20Mg and 42Ti. In all other cases, we provide first predictions based… CONTINUE READING