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Three areas of experimental phonetics

  title={Three areas of experimental phonetics},
  author={Peter Ladefoged},

Relative Fundamental Frequency Distinguishes Between Phonotraumatic and Non-Phonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction.

RFF values were significantly different between controls and individuals with VH and also between the two subtypes of VH, adding further support to the notion that the differences between these two subsets of Vh may be functional as well as structural.

Role of Individual Variability in the First Formant (F1) for Vowel Shifting in RP

Individual difference patterns of proximity in /æ/ in relation to other vowels and the implication of individual differences in vowel shifting are shown.

The Structure of Phonological Theory

This dissertation investigates the position of the phonological module within the architecture of grammar and the evolutionary scenario developed by Hauser et al. (2002a) and Fitch et al (2005), and argues that the role of diachrony must be factored out from synchronic phonological theory.

Effects of initial position versus prominence in English

Working Papers in Phonetics

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This study investigates effects of three prosodic factors—prosodic boundary (Utterance-initial vs. Utterance-medial), lexical stress (primary vs. secondary) and phrasal accent (accented vs.

The Phonetics of Laughter Table of Contributions 'speech-smile', 'speech-laugh', 'laughter' and Their Sequencing in Dialogic Interaction 21 Perception of Smiled French Speech by Native vs. Non-native Listeners: a Pilot Study 27 Psychological and Cross-scultural Effects on Laughter Sound Production 3

Laughter is often considered a stereotyped and dist inctively human signal of positive emotion. Yet, acoustic analyses reveal a great deal of variabilit y in laugh acoustics, and that changes in

Perception of dynamic information for vowels in syllable onsets and offsets

Examination of American English vowels when increasing amounts of syllable onsetsalone or syllable offsetsalone were presented in their original sentence context emphasized the perceptual importance of time-varying acoustic parameters, which are the direct consequence of the articulatory dynamics involved in producing syllables.

A physiological model of intonation

There are many articles dealing with the relation between fundamental frequency (Fo) and the underlying physiological processes, which show that subglottal pressure (Psb) and the activity of the

Auditory feedback of one’s own voice is used for high-level semantic monitoring: the “self-comprehension” hypothesis

This paper discusses inferential models of speech production that question the standard comparator assumption that the meaning of the authors' utterances is fully specified before articulation, and argues that auditory feedback provides speakers with a channel for high-level, semantic “self-comprehension”.