Three-Time-Slot Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes

  title={Three-Time-Slot Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes},
  author={Zhongding Lei and Chau Yuen and Francois P. S. Chin},
  journal={2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications},
In this paper, a class of quasi-orthogonal space- time block codes (Q-STBC) is proposed for systems with 2 antennas and 3 time slots, where the orthogonal Alamouti code can not be applied due to the odd, also known as Orphan, symbol problem inherited in the 3GPP frame structure. The proposed codes can achieve rate one and full diversity with lower complexity maximum likelihood detection. The design also takes into consideration other issues, such as the power fluctuation, the compatibility with… CONTINUE READING