Three-Phase Resonant Switched Capacitor LED Driver With Low Flicker

  title={Three-Phase Resonant Switched Capacitor LED Driver With Low Flicker},
  author={Ronaldo P. Coutinho and Kleber C. A. de Souza and Fernando L. M. Antunes and Edilson Mineiro Sa},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
This paper proposes a light-emitting diode (LED) driver based on a three-phase resonant switched capacitor (SC) converter. The LED lamp employs chip-on-board (COB) technology, as it is possible to achieve high power density. The three-phase structure provides low ripple current and reduced percent flicker. Besides, it does not use electrolytic capacitors, thus, causing the driver lifetime to increase. The converter active switches are turned off under zero current switching (ZCS) and zero… CONTINUE READING