Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Active and Reactive Power Control Using "Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory"

  title={Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Active and Reactive Power Control Using "Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory"},
  author={G. Adamidis and G. Tsengenes and K. Kelesidis},
  journal={Renewable energy & power quality journal},
In this paper, a photovoltaic (P/V) system, with maximum power point tracking (MPPT), connected to a three phase grid is presented. The connection of photovoltaic system on the grid takes place in one stage using voltage source inverter (VSI). For a better utilization of the photovoltaic system, the control strategy applied is based on p-q theory. According to this strategy during sunlight the system sends active power to the grid and at the same time compensates the reactive power of the load… Expand
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