Three Mahalanobis distances and their role in assessing unidimensionality.

  title={Three Mahalanobis distances and their role in assessing unidimensionality.},
  author={Ke-Hai Yuan and Wing Kam Fung and Steven P. Reise},
  journal={The British journal of mathematical and statistical psychology},
  volume={57 Pt 1},
Unidimensionality is the hallmark psychometric feature of a well-constructed measurement scale. However, in determining the degree to which a set of items form a unidimensional scale, aberrant item response patterns may distort our investigations. For example, aberrant response patterns may adversely impact interitem covariances which, in turn, can distort estimates of a scale's dimensionality and reliability. In this study, we investigate and compare the utility of three Mahalanobis distance… CONTINUE READING