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Three Logical Proofs: The Five-Dimensional Reality of Space-Time

  title={Three Logical Proofs: The Five-Dimensional Reality of Space-Time},
  author={James Edward Beichler},
  • James Edward Beichler
  • Published 2009
  • A century and a half ago, a revolution in human thought began that has gone largely unrecognized by modern scholars: A system of non-Euclidean geometries was developed that literally changed the way that we view our world. At first, some thought that space itself was non-Euclidean and four-dimensional, but Einstein ended that 'speculation' when he declared that time was the fourth dimension. Yet our commonly perceived space is four-dimensional. Einstein unwittingly circumvented that particular… CONTINUE READING

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    Modern Fysics Phallacies: the Best Way 'not to Unify Physics' is the Only Way 'to Unify Physics'
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    Stochastic granular 5-dimensional space-time and quantum theory


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