Three Layered Security System For Bank Locker

  title={Three Layered Security System For Bank Locker},
  author={K. D Mahajan and Bvcoew and Sharvari Tatwawadi and Ayesha Shaikh and Rashmi Shewatkar},
The value of biometrics have been realised by security system for two main purposes i.e to identify and to verify users. There are many places where only authorized people can enter and in that situation we need to identify person entering restricted areas like bank lockers, military base stations, R&D labs etc. If process of identification is performed by security guards manually, it will be difficult to identify each person. Also these processes are time consuming and there are chances of… 


Biometric Security Techniques For IRIS Recognition System

Efficient bio metric security techniques for iris recognition system with high performance and high confidence are described.