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Three Essays in Corporate Governance.

  title={Three Essays in Corporate Governance.},
  author={Shinwoo Kang},


Why do firms appoint CEOs as outside directors
Companies actively seek to appoint outside CEOs to their boards. Consistent with our matching theory of outside CEO board appointments, we show that such appointments have a certification benefit forExpand
When are Powerful CEOs Beneficial ?
We find that in dynamic and competitive product markets, CEO power is beneficial in enhancing firm value. In these product markets investors react favorably to the announcements of granting moreExpand
Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition and Debt Financing
This paper examines the impact of product market competition and corporate governance on the cost of debt financing and the use of bond covenants. We find that more anti-takeover provisions areExpand
The Value of Independent Directors’ Experience
  • SSRN Scholarly Paper ID 2184535. Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network.
  • 2013
Does Corporate Governance Matter in Iran
In this paper, we construct a corporate governance Index (G-index) based on 13 attributes, which are associated with good and bad governance to investigate the impact of corporate governance on aExpand
Product Market Threats, Payouts, and Financial Flexibility
type="main"> We examine how product market threats influence firm payout policy and cash holdings. Using firms' product text descriptions, we develop new measures of competitive threats. Our primaryExpand
CEO Ownership, External Governance, and Risk-taking
This paper shows the relation between CEO ownership and firm valuation hinges critically on the strength of external governance (EG). The relation is hump-shaped when EG is weak, but is insignificantExpand
Former CEO Directors
  • 2011
Globalizing the Boardroom - The Effects of Foreign Directors on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance
We examine the benefits and costs associated with foreign independent directors (FIDs) at U.S. corporations. We find that firms with FIDs make better cross-border acquisitions when the targets areExpand