Three Dollar Cinema: The Down and Dirty DIY of Queer Production

  title={Three Dollar Cinema: The Down and Dirty DIY of Queer Production},
  author={Curran Nault},
  journal={Journal of Film and Video},
  pages={63 - 84}
  • Curran Nault
  • Published 24 August 2018
  • Art
  • Journal of Film and Video
©2018 by the board of trustees of the university of illinois i met them below the bridge shortly after 9:00 a.m., bearing coffee and breakfast tacos: a motley assembly of misfit mediamakers, arty queers, and nonconformist nerds like me, all scattered among the trash­cluttered banks of Waller Creek in downtown Austin, Texas. This was not the first time I had visited the set of a CHRISTEENE music video, but it was my first day “on the job” as a cursory member of the “Workin’ on Grandma” crew… 

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