Three-Color Entanglement

  title={Three-Color Entanglement},
  author={Antonio S. Coelho and Felippe A. S. Barbosa and Katiuscia Nadyne Cassemiro and Alessandro S. Villar and Marcelo Martinelli and Paulo A. Nussenzveig},
  pages={823 - 826}
Entangling Rainbows Quantum mechanical entanglement is at the heart of quantum information processing. In the future, practical systems will contain a network of quantum components, possibly operating at different frequencies. Coelho et al. (p. 823, published online 17 September) present a technique that can entangle light beams of three different frequencies. The ability to swap entanglement between different light fields should prove useful in advanced quantum information protocols on systems… 

Experimental characterization of quantum correlated triple beams generated by cascaded four-wave mixing processes

Quantum correlations and entanglement shared among multiple modes are fundamental ingredients of most continuous-variable quantum technologies. Recently, a method used to generate multiple quantum

Atomic Coherence Assisted Multipartite Entanglement Generation with DELC Four-Wave Mixing

: Multipartite entanglement plays an important role in quantum information processing and quantum metrology. Here, the dressing-energy-level-cascaded (DELC) four-wave mixing (FWM) processes are

Quantum limits for cascaded nondegenerate optical parametric oscillators

The obtainable maximal number of entangled submodes and theMulticolor entanglement degree are numerically calculated under experimentally accessible conditions and provide direct references for the design of generation systems of multicolor entangled optical beams.

Continuous-variable entanglement distillation between remote quantum nodes

The development of quantum network relies on high-quality entanglement between remote quantum nodes. In reality the unavoidable decoherence limits the quality of entangled quantum nodes, however,

Avoiding disentanglement of multipartite entangled optical beams with a correlated noisy channel

It is experimentally demonstrated that symmetric tripartite entangled optical beams are robust in pure lossy but noiseless channels and can be revived by the use of a correlated noisy channel (non-Markovian environment).

All-Optical Entanglement Swapping.

Entanglement swapping, which is a core component of quantum network and an important platform for testing the foundation of quantum mechanics, can enable the entangling of two independent particles

Multimode entanglement generation with dual-pumped four-wave-mixing of Rubidium Atoms.

The results show that most of the 1 versus n-mode and m versus m-mode states are entangled, and the amount of entanglement can be regulated due to the competitions of mode components caused by different interaction strengths of co-existing FWMs.

Simple preparation of Bell and Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states using ultrastrong-coupling circuit QED

The ability to entangle quantum systems is crucial for many applications in quantum technology, including quantum communication and quantum computing. Here, we propose a simple and versatile setup

A universal quantum information processor for scalable quantum communication and networks

A theoretical proposal to efficiently and conveniently achieve a universal quantum information processor (QIP) via atomic coherence in an atomic ensemble via electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in the Λ-type configuration.

Continuous Variable Entanglement in an Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on a Nondegenerate Four Wave Mixing Process in Hot Alkali Atoms.

We present the measurement of entanglement between twin beams generated with a doubly resonant optical parameter oscillator (OPO) based on four-wave mixing in hot ^{85}Rb vapor above threshold. This



Generation of bright two-color continuous variable entanglement.

The first measurement of squeezed-state entanglement between the twin beams produced in an optical parametric oscillator operating above threshold is presented, opening the way for new potential applications such as the transfer of quantum information between different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The quest for three-color entanglement: experimental investigation of new multipartite quantum correlations.

Results approach the limit required to demonstrate three-color entanglement in an above-threshold optical parametric oscillator, and new quantum correlations are observed among the pump and signal or idler beams, as well as among a combined quadrature of signal and idler fields.

Direct production of tripartite pump-signal-idler entanglement in the above-threshold optical parametric oscillator.

Since the entanglement is generated directly from a nonlinear process, the three entangled fields can have very different frequencies, opening the way for multicolored quantum information networks.

Observation of entanglement between two light beams spanning an octave in optical frequency.

It is experimentally demonstrated how two beams of light separated by an octave in frequency can become entangled after their interaction in a chi;(2)} nonlinear medium, thereby satisfying the criterion of entanglement.

Sudden Death of Entanglement

A new route for dissipation attacks quantum entanglement, the essential resource for quantum information as well as the central feature in the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen so-called paradox and in discussions of the fate of Schrödinger's cat.

The quantum internet

This work states that quantum interconnects, which convert quantum states from one physical system to those of another in a reversible manner, can be achieved by the optical interactions of single photons and atoms, allowing the distribution of entanglement across the network and the teleportation of quantum states between nodes.

Reconstruction of non-classical cavity field states with snapshots of their decoherence

The complete reconstruction and pictorial representation of a variety of radiation states trapped in a cavity in which several photons survive long enough to be repeatedly measured is reported.

Narrow-band frequency tunable light source of continuous quadrature entanglement

We report the observation of non-classical quantum correlations of continuous light variables from a novel type of source. It is a frequency non-degenerate optical parametric oscillator below

Entangled states of trapped atomic ions

Experiments show that just a few entangled trapped ions can be used to improve the precision of measurements, and if the entanglement in such systems can be scaled up to larger numbers of ions, simulations that are intractable on a classical computer might become possible.

Quantum coherence and entanglement with ultracold atoms in optical lattices

At nanokelvin temperatures, ultracold quantum gases can be stored in optical lattices, which are arrays of microscopic trapping potentials formed by laser light. Such large arrays of atoms provide