Three-Body Halos. II. from Two- to Three-Body Asymptotics

  title={Three-Body Halos. II. from Two- to Three-Body Asymptotics},
  author={D.V.Fedorov and A.S.Jensen and K.Riisager},
  • D.V.Fedorov, A.S.Jensen, K.Riisager
  • Published 1994
  • Physics
  • The large distance behavior of weakly bound three-body systems is investigated. The Schr\"{o}dinger equation and the Faddeev equations are reformulated by an expansion in eigenfunctions of the angular part of a corresponding operator. The resulting coupled set of effective radial equations are then derived. Both two- and three-body asymptotic behavior are possible and their relative importance is studied for systems where subsystems may be bound. The system of two nucleons outside a core is… CONTINUE READING