Threats of Botnet to Internet Security and Respective Defense Strategies

  • Sagar A. Yeshwantrao, Vilas J. Jadhav
  • Published 2014


Botnets are one of the most dangerous threats to internet security. The problem of Botnet is global in nature. A botnet is a network of computers infected with a malicious program that allows cybercriminals to control the infected machines remotely without the user’s knowledge. Their target is to steal valuable information from organizations as well as individuals. Botnets have become a source of income for entire groups of cybercriminals. It is necessary for the IT community to develop effective techniques for detecting and mitigating the malicious behavior of botnets. The paper presents a detailed study of technology involved in the command and control of botnets and threats posed by them. The aim of this paper is to study core details of security threats that users of Internet are facing from attackers by the use of malicious botnets. This paper also offers several strategies for defense against Botnets along with measures and activities which should be carried out in order establish

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