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Threat Characterization: Trajectory Dynamics

  title={Threat Characterization: Trajectory Dynamics},
  author={Russell L. Schweickart and Clark R. Chapman and Daniel D. Durda and Bill Bottke and David Nesvorn{\'y} and Piet Hut},
  journal={arXiv: Space Physics},
Given a primary interest in mitigation of the potential hazard of near-Earth objects impacting the Earth, the subject of characterization takes on an aspect not normally present when considering asteroids as abstract bodies. Many deflection concepts are interested in the classic geophysical characteristics of asteroids when considering the physical challenge of modifying their orbits in order to cause them to subsequently miss an impact with Earth. Yet for all deflection concepts there are… 
Are Near Earth Objects the Key to Optimization Theory
The NEO-CFO nexus is the striking similarity between CFO's Davg and an NEO's Delta-V curves, suggesting that C FO's metaphorical "gravity" indeed behaves like real gravity, thereby connecting NEOs and CFO and being the basis for speculating that NEO theory may address difficult issues in optimization.
Central Force Optimization Applied to the PBM Suite of Antenna Benchmarks
CFO's gradient-like nature is discussed, and it is speculated that a "generalized hyperspace derivative" might be defined for optimization problems as a new mathematical construct based on the Unit Step function.
Central force optimisation: a new gradient-like metaheuristic for multidimensional search and optimisation
  • R. Formato
  • Business
    Int. J. Bio Inspired Comput.
  • 2009
This paper introduces central force optimisation, a novel, nature-inspired, deterministic search metaheuristic for constrained multidimensional optimisation in highly multimodal, smooth, or
Central force optimization: A new deterministic gradient-like optimization metaheuristic
The possibility of creating a new “hyperspace directional derivative” using the Unit Step function to create positive-definite “masses” in “CFO space” is suggested, suggesting that CFO merits further investigation.