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Threat, Explore, Barter, Puzzle: A Semantically-Informed Algorithm for Extracting Interaction Modes

  title={Threat, Explore, Barter, Puzzle: A Semantically-Informed Algorithm for Extracting Interaction Modes},
  author={Nancy Fulda and Daniel Ricks and Ben Murdoch and D. Wingate},
  booktitle={AAAI Workshops},
  • Nancy Fulda, Daniel Ricks, +1 author D. Wingate
  • Published in AAAI Workshops 2018
  • Computer Science
  • In the world of online gaming, not all actions are created equal. For example, when a player’s character is confronted with a closed door, it would not make much sense to brandish a weapon, apply a healing potion, or attempt to barter. A more reasonable response would be to either open or unlock the door. The term interaction mode embodies the idea that many potential actions are neither useful nor applicable in a given situation. This paper presents a AEGIM, an algorithm for the automated… CONTINUE READING
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