Thouless-Anderson-Palmer Approach to the Spherical p-Spin Spin Glass Model

  title={Thouless-Anderson-Palmer Approach to the Spherical p-Spin Spin Glass Model},
  author={Andrea Crisanti and H. J. Sommers},
  journal={Journal De Physique I},
We analyze the Thouless-Anderson-Palmer (TAP) approach to the spherical p-spin spin glass model in zero external field. The TAP free energy is derived by summing up all the relevant diagrams for N → ∞ of a diagrammatic expansion of the free energy. We find that if the multiplicity of the TAP solutions is taken into account, there is a first order transition in the order parameter at the critical temperature T c higher than that predicted by the replica solution T RSB , but in agreement with the… 

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