Thou Shalt Not Depend on Me: Analysing the Use of Outdated JavaScript Libraries on the Web

  title={Thou Shalt Not Depend on Me: Analysing the Use of Outdated JavaScript Libraries on the Web},
  author={Tobias Lauinger and A. Chaabane and Sajjad Arshad and W. Robertson and Christo Wilson and E. Kirda},
  • Tobias Lauinger, A. Chaabane, +3 authors E. Kirda
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Web developers routinely rely on third-party Java-Script libraries such as jQuery to enhance the functionality of their sites. [...] Key Result This demonstrates that not only website administrators, but also the dynamic architecture and developers of third-party services are to blame for the Web's poor state of library management. The results of our work underline the need for more thorough approaches to dependency management, code maintenance and third-party code inclusion on the Web.Expand Abstract
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