Thorium fluorides ThF, ThF2, ThF3, ThF4, ThF3(F2), and ThF5- characterized by infrared spectra in solid argon and electronic structure and vibrational frequency calculations.


Reactions of laser-ablated Th atoms with F2 produce ThF4 as the major product based on agreement with matrix spectra recorded of the vapor from the solid at 800-850 °C. Weaker higher-frequency bands at (567.2, 564.8), (575.9, 575.1), and (531.0, 528.4) cm(-1) in argon are assigned to ThF, ThF2 and ThF3, ThF3(F2) on the basis of their chemical behavior upon… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic401107w

6 Figures and Tables


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