Thorax Physiological Monitoring and Modeling for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Edema

  title={Thorax Physiological Monitoring and Modeling for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Edema},
  author={Shabana Urooj and M. Khan and Abdul Quaiyum Ansari},
  journal={Int. J. Meas. Technol. Instrum. Eng.},
In this paper, the authors prove that variations in thoracic volumes are greatly responsive to the act of breathing i.e., inspiration and expiration. These variations may be adopted for diagnosing various respiration related diseases and pulmonary edema. In this study, the authors present a method to estimate the thoracic volume non-invasively using anthropometric dimensions. The change in the geometry of thorax with the act of breathe is recorded by measuring the anthropometric parameters for… 

Modeling of Thorax for Volumetric Computation Using Rotachora Shapes

The scope of mathematical modeling by using uncommon geometric shapes for the computation of thoracic volume using Rotachora shapes validates that the chosen models are closely following the act of breath significantly and hence the obtained result could be utilized for clinical purposes.

A Non-Linear Approach to ECG Signal Processing using Morphological Filters

This paper proposes combination of non linear morphological operators for the noise and baseline drift removal and non flat structuring elements of varying dimensions are employed with morphological filtering to achieve low distortion as well as good noise removal.

Technical Advancements to Mobile Mammography Using Nonlinear Polynomial Filters and IEEE 21451-1 NCAP Information Model

This paper proposes the technical advancements to mobile mammography by integrating smart transducer interface and network capable application processor (NCAP) information modules with digital mammography (X-ray) units with postprocessing module.

A Composite Wavelets and Morphology Approach for ECG Noise Filtering

A combination of wavelets analysis and morphological filtering as an approach for noise removal in ECG signals using bi-orthogonal wavelet family is presented.

A Robust Polynomial Filtering Framework for Mammographic Image Enhancement From Biomedical Sensors

The approach proposed in this paper uses a linear combination of Type-0 and Type-II polynomial filters as a generalized filtering solution to achieve enhancement of mammographic masses and calcifications irrespective of the nature of background tissues.

Breast Cancer Detection Using PCPCET and ADEWNN: A Geometric Invariant Approach to Medical X-Ray Image Sensors

A novel computer-aided detection (CAD) system to reduce the human factor involvement and to help the radiologist in automatic diagnosis of malignant/nonmalignant breast tissues by utilizing polar complex exponential transform (PCET) moments as texture descriptors is proposed.

A Review on Automated Detection of Non-convulsive Seizures Using EEG

  • A. Q. AnsariPriyanka Sharma
  • Medicine, Psychology
    2016 Second International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Communication Technology (CICT)
  • 2016
An overview on the detection methods of non-convulsive seizures is given, which can have fluctuating symptoms coupled with the mental state variation which makes the clinical diagnosis of it very difficult.

Performance evaluation of classifier techniques to discriminate odors with an E-Nose

The foremost objective of this research is to discriminate odors with an E-Nose using various classifier technique based on statistical machine learning theory to differentiate gases and other organic compounds.

Air Emissions Measurements in Environmental Monitoring of IPPC Plants

This paper describes some air emissions measurements items coming from the application of the authorization decrees licensing IPPC Plants in Italy at national level in order to respect authorized



Modeling of Fluid Shifts in the Human Thorax for Electrical Impedance Tomography

A finite element method (FEM)-model of a human thorax is created and new ventilation indices are tested regarding their ability to quantitatively describe structural changes in the lung due to the gravitationally dependent lung collapse.

A computer based prediction for diagnosis of Pulmonary Edema

  • S. UroojMunna Khan
  • Medicine
    2010 IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications
  • 2010
Software has been developed to detect and diagnose pulmonary edema using LabVIEW based on physiological measurements and parameters and it is found that the predicted values of TEI of developed computer based technique are much closer to the measured values in the present work.

Problems of impedance cardiography

The waveforms measured by an impedance cardiograph are affected not only by the change of blood volume in the aorta but also by that in various organs such as the heart and lungs and the effects of the complicated structure of organs upon the waveforms are discussed.

Comparison of several pulse-pressure techniques for monitoring stroke volume

Values of stroke volume calculated from five different formulas utilising parameters derived from the aortic-pressure pulse waveform were compared with stroke-volume values calculated from the

A New Method for the Quantification of Breathing

A new method for the quantification of breath flow and evaluation of the symmetry of breathing through both nostrils is presented and can be used as a diagnostic tool, for stress monitoring, biofeedback techniques, and circadian rhythm analysis.

Theory and cardiac applications of electrical impedance measurements.

  • B. C. Penney
  • Medicine
    Critical reviews in biomedical engineering
  • 1986
With this background, the use of impedance plethysmography for cardiac monitoring and diagnosis is reviewed and the basic methodology is presented and models used to interpret the signal are reviewed.

Automobile driver's stress index provision system that utilizes electrocardiogram

The reliability and utilization level of system was confirmed to be satisfactory by providing new ECG measuring method familiar to drivers and comparing it with the result of judging drivers' emotion through this research.


Abstract : Average volume resistivities for thoracic tissues at an exciting frequency of 100 kc. are required for studies of the current flux paths in transthoracic impedance plethysmography. By

Development and Evaluation of a Generic Re-Purposable e-Learning Object on Data Analysis

The case study proposed here provides a practical guide to the development of a re-purposable e-learning object, ‘Analyse This!!!’ and is pertinent to the areas of e- learning and mobile learning.