Thorakotomien bei Thoraxverletzungen — Indikationen und Ergebnisse


Most thoracic injuries can be treated adequately with intensive care, pleural drainage and judicious physiotherapy. From the total of 571 patients with severe thoracic injuries treated in the Surgical Department of the University of Cologne over the last 10 years, 14% of those with blunt trauma (BT) and 33% with penetrating trauma (PT) underwent thoracotomy… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00186424


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@article{Zieren2004ThorakotomienBT, title={Thorakotomien bei Thoraxverletzungen — Indikationen und Ergebnisse}, author={Hans U. Zieren and Jochen M{\"{u}ller and Dr. H. Pichlmaier}, journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"{u}r Chirurgie}, year={2004}, volume={376}, pages={330-334} }