Thoracoscopy and talc poudrage in the management of hepatic hydrothorax.

  title={Thoracoscopy and talc poudrage in the management of hepatic hydrothorax.},
  author={J R Milanez de Campos and L O Filho and Eduardo de Campos Werebe and Hoel Sette and Angelo Fernandez and Luiz Tarc{\'i}sio Brito Filomeno and F{\'a}abio Biscegli Jatene},
  volume={118 1},
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine indications, limitations, morbidity and mortality of surgical thoracoscopy for management of hepatic hydrothorax, a rare, but often recurrent, complication in cirrhotic patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS From May 1985 through May 1999, 10 men and 8 women, with a mean age of 57.6 years (range, 26 to 76 years), underwent 21 therapeutic thoracoscopies to achieve pleurodesis by application of talc. RESULTS The procedure was effective in 10 of 21 procedures. There were… CONTINUE READING

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