Thoracoscopic talc poudrage pleurodesis for chronic recurrent pleural effusions.

  title={Thoracoscopic talc poudrage pleurodesis for chronic recurrent pleural effusions.},
  author={Yossef Aelony and Randel R King and Claude Boutin},
  journal={Annals of internal medicine},
  volume={115 10},
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of thoracoscopic talc poudrage for the treatment of chronic pleural effusions. DESIGN Prospective evaluation. SETTING Kaiser-Permanente Hospital. PATIENTS Forty-seven consecutive patients with recalcitrant pleural effusions, referred for thoracoscopy. INTERVENTION Patients received general or local anesthesia; 42 had a 7-mm rigid thoracoscopic examination followed by insufflation of 5 mL of talc. Patients then had chest-tube drainage. MEASUREMENTS… CONTINUE READING
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