Thoracoscopic management of descending necrotizing mediastinitis.

  title={Thoracoscopic management of descending necrotizing mediastinitis.},
  author={John Rhiwen Roberts and William Roy Smythe and Robert W Weber and M Lanutti and Bruce R. Rosengard and Larry Robert Kaiser},
  volume={112 3},
Descending necrotizing mediastinitis (DNM) is a lethal process originating from odontogenic, pharyngeal, or cervical infectious sources that descends along fascial planes into the mediastinum. Despite earlier use of antibiotics and surgical drainage, the mortality (>50%) has changed little since the first large series reported in the preantibiotic era. The surgical management remains controversial, with support ranging from cervical drainage alone to cervical drainage and routine thoracotomy… CONTINUE READING

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