Thoraco-amniotic shunting.

  title={Thoraco-amniotic shunting.},
  author={Kypros H. Nicolaides and G B Azar},
  journal={Fetal diagnosis and therapy},
  volume={5 3-4},
Thoraco-amniotic shunting was performed in 51 singleton pregnancies for decompression and chronic drainage of fetal pleural effusions (n = 47), pericardial effusion (n = 1), or pulmonary cysts (n = 3). Five fetuses had chromosomal defects and in 4 the parents elected termination of pregnancy. All 18 non-hydropic fetuses and 14 of the 28 with hydrops survived. Thoraco-amniotic shunting is useful for diagnostic evaluation and treatment of fetuses with pathologic collection of intrathoracic fluid. 


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