Thoracic cryptococcosis: immunologic competence and radiologic appearance.

  title={Thoracic cryptococcosis: immunologic competence and radiologic appearance.},
  author={Maroon B. Khoury and J. David Godwin and Carl E. Ravin and Harry A Gallis and Robert A. Halvorsen and Charles E. Putman},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={142 5},
Cryptococcosis, a potentially fatal pulmonary infection, is being recognized with increased frequency in both immunologically compromised patients and those without obvious predisposing factors. This review of 24 cases of proven pulmonary cryptococcosis includes 15 immunologically compromised patients and nine noncompromised hosts. The noncompromised hosts tended to have a radiographic pattern of a peripheral nodule or nodules. The compromised hosts demonstrated a wider variety of radiographic… CONTINUE READING


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