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Thompson's group F(n) is not minimally almost convex

  title={Thompson's group F(n) is not minimally almost convex},
  author={Claire Wladis},
We prove that Thompson's group F (n) is not minimally almost convex with respect to the standard finite generating set. A group G with Cayley graph Γ is not minimally almost convex if for arbitrarily large values of m there exist elements g,h ∈ Bm such that dΓ(g,h )=2a nddBm (g,h )=2 m. (Here Bm is the ball of radius m centered at the identity.) We use tree-pair diagrams to represent elements of F (n) and then use Fordham's metric to calculate geodesic length of elements of F (n). Cleary and… Expand
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  • Claire Wladis
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Lond. Math. Soc.
  • 2012
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Tree-pair Diagrams, the Word Problem, and the Metric for Generalizations of Thompson's Group F on more than One Integer
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  • Contemp. Math
  • 2005
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  • MR1426438 (98g:20058), Zbl 0880
  • 1996
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