Thomas Pearson McIntosh (1892–1960)


Dr. THOMAS PEARSON MC|NTOSH, until recently Director of Scientific Services, Department of Agriculture for Scotland, died in hospital in Edinburgh on March 26, 1960. Dr. MclNToSH, born 19th August, 1892 at Burntisland, Fife, was early attracted to an agricultural career and obtained tile B. Sc. (Agr.) degree under pioneer agricultural educationalists at the Edinburgh and East of Scothmd College of Agrieulttue. He joined the staff of the Potash Syndicate and worked for a few years in Berlin. After full active service in the first World War he joined the Board (now Department) of Agriculture for Scotland where he rapidly made his mark in land drainage and other inspectoriaI duties. Realising the dearth of specialists on the potato crop he set out to nlake himself an expert and duly established an international reputation in this sub.ject. His knowledge of potato varieties was outstanding and he was equally well versed in the potato trade, His drive, knowledge and organising ability led to the continuous improvement of the Scottish certification schemes for seed potatoes, the latest development being the production of ~irus-fiee stocks which, percolating through the "Foundat ion Seed" and "'Stock Seed" grades, raised the health of seed stocks in Scotland to a very high standard. He initiated and supervised this production of ~ irus-free stocks its part of his duties when he took over the Directorship of the Department 's Scientific Services at East Craigs, Corstorphine, in September 1945. He retired in August 1957. In the last twelve years of his official career he also inaugurated the scientific work which led to seed certilication schemes for oats and barley. In addition to numerous articles he published a monographicwork on the potato for which he was awarded the degree of Ph .D. (Edinburgh): a third edition written in association with FJXDL,X~ and WHITEHEAD appeared in 1953 as "The Potato in Health and Disease". Dr. MclNToSH played a leading part on several British and Scottish Committees dealing with the improvement and development of the potato and its industry, the most important of which was the Scottish Potato Registration (now Trials) Advisory Committee. He .joined the E.A.P.R. in 1959. Dr. MCINTOSH will long be remembered not only for his expertise but for his modesty, unbot.nded energy, scientific curiosity and for his voluminous correspondence with colleagues all over the world.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02365598

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