Thomas–Fermi profile of a fast rotating Bose–Einstein condensate

  title={Thomas–Fermi profile of a fast rotating
Bose–Einstein condensate},
  author={Dinh-Thi Nguyen and Nicolas Rougerie},
  journal={Pure and Applied Analysis},
Abstract. We study the minimizers of a magnetic 2D non-linear Schrödinger energy functional in a quadratic trapping potential, describing a rotating Bose–Einstein condensate. We derive an effective Thomas–Fermi-like model in the rapidly rotating limit where the centrifugal force compensates the confinement, and available states are restricted to the lowest Landau level. The coupling constant of the effective Thomas–Fermi functional is to linked the emergence of vortex lattices (the Abrikosov… 



Rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates in and near the lowest Landau level.

It is shown that in this mean-field quantum-Hall regime, an ordered vortex lattice is still observed, but its elastic shear strength is strongly reduced, as evidenced by the observed very low frequency of Tkachenko modes.

Strongly Correlated Phases in Rapidly Rotating Bose Gases

We consider a system of trapped spinless bosons interacting with a repulsive potential and subject to rotation. In the limit of rapid rotation and small scattering length, we rigorously show that the

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Bose-Einstein condensates with large number of vortices.

  • T. Ho
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 2001
We show that as the number of vortices in a three dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate increases, the system reaches a "quantum Hall" regime where the density profile is a Gaussian in the xy plane

Fast rotation of a Bose-Einstein condensate.

A dramatic change in the appearance of the quantum gas is observed in such a fast rotation regime, the vortices which were easily detectable for a slower rotation become much less visible, and their surface density is well below the value expected for this rotation frequency domain.


In a previous article with A. Aftalion and X. Blanc, it was shown that the hypercontractivity property of the dilation semigroup in spaces of entire functions was a key ingredient in the study of the

Vortex Lattices in Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates

This paper computes the energy of a regular triangular lattice and of a class of distorted lattices and finds the optimal distortion which provides a decay of the wave function similar to an inverted parabola.