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This paper is dedicated to the memory of Matey Mateev , a missing friend Clifford Algebras and Spinors

  title={This paper is dedicated to the memory of Matey Mateev , a missing friend Clifford Algebras and Spinors},
  author={Ivan Todorov Todorov},
Expository notes on Clifford algebras and spinors with a detailed discussion of Majorana, Weyl, and Dirac spinors. The paper is meant as a review of background material, needed, in particular, in now fashionable theoretical speculations on neutrino masses. It has a more mathematical flavour than the over twenty-six-year-old Introduction to Majorana masses [1] and includes historical notes and biographical data on past participants in the story. PACS codes: 03.65.Fd, 04.20.Gz 1 Quaternions… 
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