Thirty-five-gigahertz measurements of CO2 crystals

  title={Thirty-five-gigahertz measurements of CO2 crystals},
  author={James L. Foster and Alfred T. C. Chang and Leung Tsang and Chi-Te Chen and Dorothy K. Hall and Andrew B. Tait and Jonathon S. Barton},
[1] In order to learn more about the Martian polar caps, it is important to compare and contrast the behavior of both frozen H2O and CO2 in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because relatively little attention has been given, thus far, to observing the seasonal Martian polar caps in the thermal microwave part of the spectrum, in this experiment, a 35-GHz handheld radiometer was used to measure the microwave emission and scattering from layers of manufactured CO2 (dry ice… CONTINUE READING