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Third sound detectors in accelerated motion

  title={Third sound detectors in accelerated motion},
  author={Cameron R. D. Bunney and Steffen Biermann and Vitor S. Barroso and August Geelmuyden and Cisco Gooding and Gr{\'e}goire Ithier and Xavier Rojas and Jorma Louko and Silke E. Ch. Weinfurtner},
An accelerated observer moving through empty space sees particles appearing and disappearing, while an observer with a constant velocity does not register any particles. This phenomenon, generally known as the Unruh effect, relies on an initial vacuum state, thereby unifying the experience of all inertial observers. We propose an experiment to probe this observer-dependent detector response, using a laser beam in circular motion as a local detector of superfluid helium-4 surface modes or third… 

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