Thiomers: a new generation of mucoadhesive polymers.

  title={Thiomers: a new generation of mucoadhesive polymers.},
  author={Andreas Bernkop-Schn{\"u}rch},
  journal={Advanced drug delivery reviews},
  volume={57 11},
Thiolated polymers or designated thiomers are mucoadhesive basis polymers, which display thiol bearing side chains. Based on thiol/disulfide exchange reactions and/or a simple oxidation process disulfide bonds are formed between such polymers and cysteine-rich subdomains of mucus glycoproteins building up the mucus gel layer. Thiomers mimic therefore the natural mechanism of secreted mucus glycoproteins, which are also covalently anchored in the mucus layer by the formation of disulfide bonds… CONTINUE READING


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