Thiol status in human sperm.

  title={Thiol status in human sperm.},
  author={Onit Rufas and Benjamin Fisch and Judith Seligman and Yona Tadir and Jardena Ovadia and Ruth Shalgi},
  journal={Molecular reproduction and development},
  volume={29 3},
The passage of spermatozoa along the epididymis is characterized by a gradual stabilization of intracellular organelles mainly through the oxidation of thiol groups. In this study, we examined the relationship between the thiol-disulfide status of human spermatozoa (using a specific fluorescent probe, monobromobimane) and routine semen analysis parameters. Fluorescence intensity was measured by spectrofluorimeter and its frequency distribution within samples, using a fluorescence-activated cell… CONTINUE READING