Thinopus and a Critical Review of Devonian Tetrapod Footprints

  title={Thinopus and a Critical Review of Devonian Tetrapod Footprints},
  author={S. Lucas},
  pages={136 - 154}
  • S. Lucas
  • Published 2015
  • Geology
  • Ichnos
  • Devonian tetrapod tracks and trackways can be recognized by three criteria: morphology of the manus and pes impressions that matches known Devonian tetrapod skeletal morphology, manus smaller than pes, and the alternating trackway pattern that results from lateral sequence walking in quadrupedal tetrapod locomotion. The first reported Devonian tetrapod track, named Thinopus antiquus, from Pennsylvania, is not a tetrapod track and is likely an impression of a fish coprolite(s). A critical review… CONTINUE READING
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