Thinking the Other

  title={Thinking the Other},
  author={T. Martin and Andr{\'e} Casault},
  journal={Journal of Architectural Education},
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Abstract How can design professionals preserve cultural diversity? A team of graduate students and professors at Université Laval worked with the Innu of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, a group of First Nations peoples in Quebec, to develop modern housing prototypes that responded to their climatic and cultural needs. Recounting the experiences of those involved in this participatory design process, the authors comment on the challenges in intercultural design and discuss the resulting architectural… Expand
Design in Perspective: Reflections on Intercultural Design Practice in Australia
Since the 1970s, a number of Australian architects have been considering how non-Indigenous designers can work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve better built environments.Expand
Critical pedagogy for the new planner: Mastering an inclusive perception of ‘The Other’
Abstract In light of the growing diversity in contemporary cities, planning literature calls for inclusive and participatory planning acts. Alas, little has changed in planning practice. This paperExpand
First Nations, Métis and Inuit presence in the Newfoundland and Labrador curriculum
Abstract This article responds to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada’s 2015 call for the education of Canadians about ‘residential schools, treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historicalExpand
Ubuntu strategies in contemporary South African culture
This project analyses how the concept of ubuntu - which is generally said to entail notions of generosity, hospitality, friendliness, compassion and a willingness to share - has come to the fore inExpand
Decolonizing Home: A re-conceptualization of First Nations' housing in Canada
Supervisory Committee Dr. Karena Shaw (School of Environmental Studies) Supervisor Dr. Eric Higgs (School of Environmental Studies) Departmental Member While it is generally agreed that First NationsExpand
(Vulner)ability: an analysis of women in Paula Hawkins’s novels
The notion of vulnerability has been applied to diverse areas of knowledge, particularly in the last years. However, its denotation has been traditionally attached to negative ideas, such asExpand
Social housing for culturally diverse groups: a users’ and providers’ perspective.
Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, 2009
Common Bodies
Abstract The politics of precarity have emerged on the contemporary scene of critical theory with great social force in recent years. This paper looks at the risks and obstacles of positingExpand
An encounter with ‘sayings’ of curriculum: Levinas and the formalisation of infants’ learning
Abstract Increased global attention to early childhood education and care in the past two decades has intensified attention on the education of infants and assessment of their learning in educationExpand
Ethics of Responsibility and Ambiguity of Politics in Levinas’s Philosophy
The destruction of man in the Shoah or Holocaust did not mean that Levinas argues in favor of turning away from the socio-historical reality to cultivate his own little garden. The deepest truth ofExpand


House Hunting Or I've Never "Lived" In My House
begins by examining the relationship between the Innu and their reserve dwellings. It then presents an exploratory design exercise, the goal of which was to develop sustainable housing prototypesExpand
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Amerindians and the Horizon of Modernity
This popular Indian saying of unknown source has its counterparts in other cultures
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